Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Story..

I thought I would share a little story on how I got to where I am today... (141 pounds and standing at 5'4).

Once apon a time there was a girl (aka me),who like all other girls, was self-conscious about the way she looked. Let's just keep in mind she was a freshmen in high school and didn't know a whole lot... This girl was a solid 137 rolling {no pun intended} into her freshmen year and didn't have a fear in the world! She was active with softball and basketball, but wasn't active enough.. She gain a few pounds over the year and then BAM! She was injured her sophomore year and couldn't participate in softball. From being fairly active to doing nothing at all really hit her hard. Like, adding on whopping 20 pounds hard. At the end of her sophomore year, she weighed in at 160. For her body type, it was not healthy or a positive thing. That next summer, she went on a  diet (not a lifestyle change, a DIET) that got her to lose the extra 15 pounds she put on. *Shout out to Body By Vi* Junior year came up, and she was weighing in at 148ish. That was good. She would take that weight over 160 any day! 

And that brings us to today. A senior teenage girl who just recently started selling Advocare ( ) and has lost about 6 pounds from her 24 day challenge! She is currently weighing in at 141 pounds, and is still standing at 5 feet and 4 inches. :) 

I hope that teenage girl is ready for some serious life changes, and no more fad diets! I hope she's ready for a new and healthy and STRONG body! *Shout out to Advocare for jump starting her journey* And that girl hopes you're willing to be a part of her journey... <3

P.S. "That girl" in the story....Is actually me! 

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