Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Updating... Once again.

Earlier I was thinking that if I just blogged regularly, I wouldn't have to keep doing updates. 

But, since I've noticed I've been lacking discipline lately... I'm not surprised I haven't been consistent.. 


Seriously though.


I've been ocupied with getting my Mary Kay business started up! I've been practice makeovers on faces...I need to get 30 done by the 31st! WOW! So excited to share the #1 makeup product (to me) to the people I know and love!

I've also been getting Thor ready for the fair. Fair is Monday. Let me say that again, Fair is MONDAY. Pray for me. 
He's so cute when he begs for licorice. 

ATTENTION: I'm doing the 24 day challenge starting Monday. Don't worry, it's totally safe. It's been since 90 days since I've done the cleanse. 

Bad news is.....I'm pretty sure I've gained back the weight that  I lost when I my first challenge... :( I did that to myself and no pity parties are allowed! I'm going to DESTROY the challenge and remain active and eating like a normal person. 

Until we meet again,

XOXO Katie

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