Friday, August 1, 2014

Fair Time

Be proud. Be very proud.

I started my 24 day challenge during fair week. 

That takes some major GUTS! 

And will power {which I'm working on}.

But, before I get into detail on the challenge...An update...

Monday was the dog show. 
Isn't my monster adorable?!? 

And to add he did AWESOME! 
I'm seriously so proud of him.. He got third in obedience (which is a MIRACLE. Thor is one of the least obedient dogs ever. Last year, he got a red ribbon. What an improvement!!!}
He also got third in OFF-LEASH agility. Which is nothing short of another MIRACLE! Off-leash is a huge deal to us because he is a runner. And a bolter. And a, "I'm going to do whatever I want when I don't have a leash". Thor is literally made for the agility field. Watch out AKC. We're coming for you.. 

And for showmanship he got fourth. Which is once again, a MIRACLE. He's no show dog if you know what I mean... 

All-in-all, it was a MIRACULOUS day. And I'm thankful for this opportunity God and 4-H has given me! 
Thor was straight chilling after a tedious day of fair. 

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