Monday, June 2, 2014

A Month Too Long

I CANNOT believe that it's been a month since I've last posted. 

Hope you don't feel abandoned...

In this last month, I've managed to graduate, get back on the workout grind, hang with some friends, buy a fitbit (WHICH I LOVE and I'll write a little review about it!!!!), started my own business (more to come at a later time), and just enjoy summer. 

Instead of boring you with my words, I'll just bore you with my pictures. :) 
Thor and I before graduation!!

Proof that I did workout! My shirt was a totally different blue color then I started with.

Supporting my buddy Sam at state track!

Banana with Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter.. YUM!! 

Took a cat that found it's way to our house camping with us.. 
My moms allergic to cats so I had no choice!

So, that is what my life outside of blogging looks like. Isn't it glamorous?!? 

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