Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FitBit Flex Review

I wanted something fun to "spoil" myself after successful 13 years of school. 

 It so happens that I've had my eye on a FitBit Flex for the last month and was super indecisive about getting one.

The only reason I didn't want to get one was because I didn't want to get obsessive over numbers and such. I've had a history of getting quite obsessive over calorie counting (On My Fitness Pal, not FitBit). 

I had my mind set that if I got a FitBit and started tracking my exercise and what not, I would start counting my macros (see below). I mean, go big or go home?!?!

I've also had my eye on a program called "IIFYM". Aka- If it fits your macros. I'll go into detail later.. But, following this program would require me to macro count (using my fitness pal) and that scared me! I did not want to be that crazy obsessive girl again. Making a long story short (until my next post) I downloaded My Fitness Pal and the FitBit app.

Let's just say, I LOVE FITBIT. WOW. Best graduation gift a person could buy themselves. 
That is what it looks like. It comes with two bands (small and large) and the motion senor to count steps. 

It's seriously great. It counts calories, water, steps, miles you walked, active minutes, and how much sleep and the quality of sleep!! 
It's so simple and easy to use. You can download an app or use it on your computer.

If you double tap your band, the sensor will light up and tell you where you are for your goal. It uses 20%'s at a time. 

This is also a fool-proof step counter. I remember I would wear the step counter that attaches at your hip, and I would take it off and shake it so I had more step... :) Mwhahahahaha!!!! I tried that "technique" on this one, and that was a no-go.

FitBit Flex is a huge motivator! It was well worth the investment.. 

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