Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!

I bet you don't hear that often.. 

all about the cookie dough

This is SO appropriate for my situation right now...

The cleanse is not going as planned...

Here's my excuse {I HATE excuses btw..} We had a family picnic on Sunday. Family + Good food = not a 24 day challenge friendly diet. 

I had some cake and a small slice of pie.. NAUGHTY!

It's so frustrating because I used to have bullet proof will power and all of a sudden it STINKS! I'm definitely mad at myself for doing that... Because it was going so well. UGH... Can't dwell on it too long otherwise I'll make the same mistake. 

But, look what I did do.. I hit 15,000 steps!!!!

And I did the dreadful stadium stairs... There's three sets of stairs and I run up and down them. I did that about 5 times. Thor only did about 2&1/2 until he had enough. I always swore I would never go back and do the stadium stairs after softball conditioning.. I guess I couldn't resist.. ;)

Lunch was an omelette with spinach, yellow peppers, egg whites, and turkey. 
Topped it off with some Bacon Cheddar seasoning and hot sauce. YUM!!! Omelettes are my go-to.

Here's one cute photo to end this day on.....
Even dogs want Quest Bars!!!

That's a banana muffin quest bar...One of my favorites! 

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