Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Long Time No See

I'm feeling kind of bad for abandoning you... 

But I have good reasons for the abandoning.. 

Like, ski trip. 
It was so beautiful in Colorado. But, skiing is not for me. Even though I had tons of fun.... It's not something I want to do everyday... I prefer warm and sunny over snowy and cold. 

I'm also getting prepared for state convention. I get to compete for food science and I'm interviewing for state office. Talk about craziness!! It'll be great. 

You're probably thinking that this is the part when I tell you I've been naughty and have gone off track... It's funny, cause you're right. 

I've hit the gym when I {made} time. But, I've also ate a whole bag of Chex mix....all by myself..... Food has definetly been a huge temptation. Why? Well, when I get stressed or bored I eat. I like to fake myself into thinking I'm hungry to give me something to do. I think the only solution to this problem is locking me into a room before and after dinner.... 

Or maybe you can think of another idea.... 

I have taken some #sweatyselfies when I did make it the gym though...

And one post workout snack.. 

One of these days I'll get myself together and find a balance.

be always blooming. 
My little reminder to keep getting better and make good choices everyday!

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