Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back on Track

In a previous post this week I was ranting about falling off the {health} wagon. So yesterday, I started over! I'm back on the health wagon {knock on wood that I have the dedication to stay on}. 

Saturday morning I started my day off with Sara Lee light bread, and some homemade honey roasted peanut butter. I was totally gonna take a picture, but I was starving and wanted to head to the gym. Forgive me?! 

I headed off to the gym and did the elliptical. And did a killer arm workout. I'm feeling it today! 
{Sorry for the quality..It's hard taking a picture while moving}

After the gym, I made up a egg white patty with a banana. The banana is not pictured because I inhaled it the second I walked through the door... For the egg white patty I used 3 egg whites, fresh spinach, and a slice of Canadian bacon. I threw all the ingredients into a egg sandwich maker {it makes an egg sandwich in 1 minute!!! It's my favorite!} and brewed myself some coffee. It was wonderful. 
My dog was very interested in my egg patty...  

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