Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Name

Lately I've been contemplating a new name.. 

"Live to Inspire"

I chose this because, for one, I want to be held accountable to my readers to be myself and stay on the right {health} track. And for two, I really do want to inspire you all with my stories, recipes, and whatever else comes my way!

On that note, I'm gonna be 100% honest with you and come clean... I've fell off the health wagon and have splurged upon splurged. I've said, "I'll start tomorrow" and not actually start again with my healthy habits 1 too many times. And I've probably have ate enough food to last an average sized person a week... Oops.... 
{What do you guys do when you fall off the health wagon? What helps you get back on track?!}

But that's OK! I heard a quote that applies perfectly to this situation...
"You can't get back on your horse unless you fall off" 
-(I'm not exactly sure who said this, but I think Phil off of Modern Family did...)

I'm ready to hop back onto the wagon and get started into the right direction again. 

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